Thursday, December 8, 2011


Now they're comparing Obama to Teddy Roosevelt?

I've heard the media compare him to Lincoln, Wilson, Coolidge, Hoover, FDR, Truman, Kennedy, Reagan and Clinton now.

Funny how they keep skipping over the one-term, peanut-farming incompetent that his Presidency actually bears a resemblance to.

UPDATE 12-13: I said it a lot pithierly than the ever-windy VDH.


  1. I think he was comparing himself to TR. He gave a speech in Kansas in the same town that TR gave his New Nationalism speech, and he sprinkled the speech with shades of Roosevelt's Progressivism. The media has just jumped on the bandwagon.

  2. years from now it will be fun watching people be compared to Obama.

    "Worst president since Obama" and "not as smart as a community organizer" come to mind.

  3. Yep, you'd think they'd see the elephant -- er, jackass -- in the room.

  4. Well, TR did espouse a milder version of the more radical "progressive" policies enacted later by his famous fifth cousin, and both the famous Roosevelts' socialism was less radical than The Zero's recent blatantly communistic cant and his Alinskyite behaviors in office, but all three could certainly be fairly characterized as "progressive" socialists (of slightly different stamps in different times).

    Apart from that relatively tenuous similarity between TR and The Zero, notsomuch similar, IMO.

    The Zero's similarity of tyrannical behavior to Lincoln's radical disrespect for the Constitution is a closer likeness, though he has yet to approach Lincoln's act of attacking the Maryland State Legislature for voting to remain in the Union but not condemning their Southern neighbors who did not. The Zero hasn't yet called out the troops to disband a State legislature and install his own cronies, but if he gets a second term...

  5. Teddy had a lot wrong with him but he did give America the M1903 Springfield and the grand .30-06 cartridge. Obama gave us Gunwalker. Teddy gave us the National Parks, Obama gave us Solyndra.

  6. He is like Teddy Roosevelt in one respect. Ain't neither one of them going to be president again.