Sunday, December 4, 2011

This Is Why I Hate Apple Products

Via Very Demotivational:

Pay particular attention to those bottom 2 lines.

And the fact that Microsoft's stock price has never recovered from those repeated Government-administered beatings.

Ok, it's also why I hate my government.


  1. Prior to those beatings, microsoft never spent money on campaign contributions or lobbying, preferring instead to just make and market software. Now they donate to lots of politicians, and dot-orgs.

    It seems that they got the message. "That's a nice software company you got there. Be a shame if anything were to happen to it."

  2. Prof Hale: Nail, head, hitting it nice and square.

    That's EXACTLY why Microsoft was singled out over Apple, who has been politically back scratchy since day one.

  3. All that, of course, but more. I despise Apple for its indefensible arrogance. Proffered data point: the iconic Apple "Think Different" ad campaign promoting bad grammar.


  4. There is a phone commercial with people taunting Appledrones camping in line for the new iPhone with their larger screen smartphones.

    It's funny as shit.