Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Miss the Days When Her Ilk Felt Obligated to at Least TRY to Utter This Nonsense Discreetly

I could not agree with Debbie less:
"There is nothing wrong with doing well. It's a goal we all aspire to. And we want everybody in America to do well. But we shouldn't have our tax policy exclusively focused on helping people already doing well do better. In America we should target our tax policy towards people who want to be lifted up."

This is very telling.

First, whenever you see a "but" in a politician's statement, it means that every statement that came before it should be ignored.

Second, she claims to believe that, currently, the sole purpose of American tax policy is to help people doing "well" do "better". And this makes her unhappy.

Conclusion: she wants tax policy to prevent you from ever doing "better" than what her cabal feels like defining as "well".

This woman would like to see a government-enforced earnings cap. In a free country.

Honey, this sort of malicious and arbitrary decree is why our ancestors broke from England. If this makes you uncomfortable, maybe this country isn't for you. There's plenty of other places on this planet under the thumb of pious nobility who request your obedience on bended knee. Try one of those.


  1. Tax policy should be exclusively focussed on raising revenues to support the functions of government. Penalizing groups with monetary fines should be the provedence of criminal and civil law.

  2. Tax policy is criminal.

    That woman is just intolerable. How can we convince her and her ilk to take your advice to go elsewhere?