Monday, January 2, 2012

I Should've Seen This Before

[Vimeo direct link]

I'm not saying this is great comedy - probably just a solid C+ - but Saturday Night Live should've beaten this particular humor-horse to death years ago. To my knowledge, they've never touched it.

It frustrates me that a topic so ripe for mockery has gotten a free pass from "professional comedians" for so many years.


  1. HA! I give it a B-, Harvey.

    Ripe for mockery is the truth...

    But, everybody at 30-Rock would probably get decapitated or something.

    The Religion of Peace folks don't take shit like that lightly...

  2. SNL did some stuff when Bin Laden was killed. It was a Little Mermaid parody. But this film is much funnier. I'd give it a solid A-.

  3. As depicted here, at least between the two of these characters, the intellectual prowess of a 10-year-old cracked crock of spoiled kimchi (although how one could tell kimchi is spoiled is beyond me) is perfectly portrayed. It's almost sad when reflecting something that approaches the real mental capabilities of splodydope homicide bombers is funny.