Monday, January 2, 2012

Mix It & Burn It, Please

There are two kinds of Denver omelets in the world:

The kind where the added bits are mixed throughout the egg, the only thing in the middle is the cheese, and the outside is a light golden brown.

And the kind with all the bits in the middle, the cheese on top, and the eggs barely solid.

I got the second kind from my local Perkins. I'm never going back.

I got the first kind this morning from an unremarkable-looking place called Sophia's in Beloit, Wisconsin.

God bless small-town cookin'.


  1. I put my stuff in the middle, but my eggs are solid. I have that shit down to a science.

    When I was recently divorced and still on reduced hours at work omelets were an affordable staple meal.

  2. Why oh why did we learn to make fire if not to cook eggs thoroughly?

  3. Uh- I hate to be a stickler, but if the added bits are mixed throughout the egg, it's a frittata, not an omelet.

    An omelet has the bits in the center with the egg folded around them.

    Either way, barely cooked eggs are disgusting. I wouldn't go back either.

  4. Eh... you can stickle all you want, as long as you cook my eggs right :-)

  5. Nothing is worse than undercooked eggs. ICK! I'm with you give me a nice golden omelet and I'm happy.

  6. In an omelet, hard boiled, or a frittata, cook the egg thoroughly.

    Any other way, I like the yolk runny.

  7. Oh good lord. Perkins still exists? How sad... ;-)