Monday, January 23, 2012

Nah, Take the Gloves Off

Full disclosure: I've been a big fan of John Hawkins' Right Wing News for a long time, and I'm on his blogger-polling email list.

I know him, I like him, and this time, I disagree with him.
Unless all four campaigns can get together and commit to a gentlemen's agreement to run positive campaigns from here on out, it's entirely possible that the winner of the primary will be so damaged that he may not be able to get the job done.

Yeah, I used to think that brutal primary fights led to weakened, damaged candidates, too.

Until 2008.

McCain had the nomination locked up in March. Then he just coasted into the convention.

Meanwhile, Hillary & Barack duked it out until June, with speculation all the way up into the actual Democrat Convention in August that Hillary might try pulling some wacky stunt to steal the nomination. Three months of mean commercials and cactus-spined soundbites. Two more months of vinegar and acrimony from bitter, jilted Hillary-followers.

I laughed a lot of smug, condescending laughs in those days, figuring they were just writing McCain's campaign ads for him.

The day after the election, I wasn't laughing any more.

I've since come to the conclusion that nothing that happens before the convention matters.

And probably nothing before October 1st.

The 24-hour news cycle has a very short memory, and even dedicated liberal news outlets can only beat a story for so long before it stops selling ads for them, forcing them to move on.

The short-attention-span, unengaged, "swing-voters" who provide the margin of victory in every election won't notice any of the mean & ugly things Newt says about Mitt & vice versa during the nomination process, because they don't start paying attention to politics until they're done passing out the Halloween candy.

So I say "GAME ON!" to the GOP - tear each other apart. At this point in the election cycle, it doesn't matter.


  1. In this case, I hardly think it matters. Everyone knows the candidates weaknesses and "strengths". We all know that there isn't a lick of difference between Romney, Newt and Santorum. None of them are really conservative, let all are running as such.

    I disagree that Hillery fought really hard against Obama. The man was an empty suit and she couldn't beat him. She either wasn't trying, or the democratic party had decided to throw this one to their black constituency.

  2. The difference between the tepidly-fought Dhimmicrappic primary campaign in 2008 not leading to any formidable material for the Repugnican't candidate to use against The Zero and any biting criticisms used against each other by Repugnican't candidates in this year's Repugnican't primary campaign is simple: The Mass MEdia Podpeople Hivemind. The Hivemind will spend itself tirelessly reminding the sheeple of any issues it thinksit can sell to tarnish the eventual Repugnican't candidate no matter who it is, and it remains in the tank for The Zero.

    Never underestimate the impact the Hivemind has on the faux "thought processes" of the American sheeple. While it may be diminished a wee tad, it is still pretty much pervasive and unrelenting,and the American sheeple still mostly get their disinformed knowledge base from the Hivemind.

    Will a steady diet of propaganda from the Hivemind be enough to get The Zero and his co-conspirators in Congress who are working to scuttle America re-elected? It pretty much depends at this point on how many sheeple are convinced to stay home on election day and how many (barely) conscious Americans are encouraged to vote.

  3. Also don't forget that there is a far higher percentage of folks on the right side of the voting block that actually give a shit about things like integrity and honesty.

    And by a "higher" percentage, I mean one with whole numbers instead of parts per million.

  4. Harvey, WHAT YOU SAID!

    While the other commentors make some valid points...most especially about the Hivemind deal...I believe you are right.

    There are dozens of analogies you could use, but I'm too tired to use one.

    Draw blood. Beat the livin' snot out of the opponent! If you win, you'll prove the point (to yourself, and maybe a few others) that IT WORKS! It will make the other guy fight back in like manner (unless he's a pussy). Even if you lose, you've toughened the other cat for what's ahead.

    Maybe it will carry over to the General Election, and somebody will finally get in ObozO's face.

    Hopefully they will knock that ugly wart off his nose in the process.

    Mix it up!