Monday, January 23, 2012

Rock Bottom

Just watched "The French Connection".

Basically it's 90 minutes of Gene Hackman alternating between standing, walking and running.

Plus 14 minutes of the most improbable car chase I've ever seen.

I'm so numb with boredom that I'm gonna go cut myself now just so I can feel something.

If you're a filmmaker, and you want to make an awesome flick, just watch "The French Connection" and then do the exact opposite of everything you see.

Should be able to gross over $100 mil, easy.

Can't believe this pile of rabbit pellets won "Best Picture".


  1. Don't forget the shooting of a sniper in the steeple with a two inch S&W Mod 36.

  2. If you need more reference on what not to do watch star wars Ep 1 that should cover all your bases.