Saturday, January 7, 2012

See, It's Just Not Illegal ENOUGH

Saw this ad on a random website, and found it rather amusing in its ignorance:

Um... it's already illegal for guns to be in the wrong hands. Does anybody think that the "wrong hands" people will be stopped by a second law any more than they were by the first one?

Wisconsin already passed the correct solution to wrong-hands gun-ownership: legalizing the arming of the law-abiding.


  1. The same crowd is currently arguing that allowing guns in national parks is what led Barnes, that Iraq War veteran, to be able to murder park ranger Margaret Anderson. As Rahm Emmanuel said "Never let a serious crisis go to waste". Can't be logic, they must know better, so it has to be a cold, political calculation.

  2. The guns versus anti-guns dichotomy is now at the point where it doesn't matter what either side says. Both sides understand and dismiss the arguments of the other side. Everything has already been said.

    The only answer is freedom. If the government is trying to restrict anything, it is probably a bad idea.

  3. I'm a Second Amendment absolutist. The Second Amendment does not say something like "The right of the people to bear arms (after a background check) shall not be infringed." The right is an absolute right, the only thing the government should be allowed to restrict is what happens after someone misuses a firearm.

    Oddly, the more laws about who is permitted to bear arms, the more misuse. The guns laws have nothing to do with guns, everything to do with the restrictions on free men and women.

  4. I am not a 2nd amendment absolutist. my right to self defense is God Given and is absolute. The 2nd Amendment is just a paragraph of ink that recognizes my right. If the 2nd Amendment gets white-outed, or repealed, I still claim that my right to self preservation is inviolable. That right is pointless without an equal right to the means of self-defense in a world where people are bigger and stronger than I am, where thay act in groups (mobs) and where they are armed, even if it is only government agents that are armed.