Monday, January 16, 2012

Wrong Recording Device

From FML:
Today, I went to see one of my favorite bands. When they started playing my favorite song I whipped out my video camera and sang along. As I was reviewing the video later, I realized that I couldn't even hear the band over my horrible singing.
The last band I saw was REO Speedwagon a couple years ago (and kudos to them for still having what they had 40 years ago, which they very much do). I couldn't tell you how many people I saw with their phones in the air making videos & taking pictures. Probably about half the crowd.

Friends, the point of live music is to cherish the sights and noise and vibrations and to be part of the positive feedback loop between the band and the mob in front of it.

If you're playing cinematographer instead, you're missing out on the whole point of the experience, and no amount of squinting at that tiny, grainy video with the tinny sound afterwards is going to make up for what you missed.

Put down the recording device and BE in your life for a while.

If you do it right, the image in your brain will always beat the one on your screen.


  1. I don't have many videos of my kids 'performing' at their various events. I realized early on that 'capturing the moment' meant missing the moment, being part of it, living it. It's treasured in my heart, and gets better and better as time goes on...whereas the video (many on VHS...tells you how old I am) is rarely looked at...

  2. BE in your life for a while. I like it :)