Wednesday, February 8, 2012

42 Saint Bernards

Curse you, Stephen King, for making it impossible to watch this video without an uneasy twitch in my gut:

[YouTube direct link] (Viewer #561,500)

If you're NOT a Stephen King reader, enjoy the cute & drooly goodness.


  1. When they filmed Cujo, the dog didn't look rabid enough, so they put egg whites on his face. Which he wanted to lick up. So they had to feed him so much that he was too full to even want to lick at the egg whites.

    That was probably the happiest dog on the planet.

  2. I was waiting for the dogs to swarm the kid and eat him...what a let down.

  3. They sound like a forest full of lunberjacks with hand saws.

    From your description, I was expecting dogs with face paint.

  4. Cujo is probably the last S. King novel I read, I'm not really a fan of the genre.

    At the time I had a German Shepherd named Lester. I was laying on the couch reading that book and I fell asleep. I woke up with Lester, sitting on the floor layin' his head on my shoulder, gazing at me adorningly. I discovered that I could jump straight up while still flat.

  5. Eh, Cujo didn't change the fact I think St. Bernards are awesome.

    These guys chuffing away sounds like a steam locomotive :)