Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Eat the Romney Sandwich?

Fine, if that Republican Kennedy gets the GOP nod, I won't pout & stay home.

I'll go vote to re-elect Paul Ryan (and whatever Republican is running against that vile weasel Herb Kohl) & leave the Presidential spot blank.

Might even vote Obama out of spite, but I haven't decided yet.


  1. you can't go wrong voting against the incumbent.

    Go ahead and vote for Romney to push out Obama into shame and obscurity. Then do the same to Romney in 2016.

  2. Vote for the best man for the job. Write him in even if it doesn't "count"

  3. Another Obama term might precipitate a revolution.

    That's up to you to decide: Is that really a bad thing?

  4. See, that's the question that's bugging me.

    It's sorta like deciding whether to stand aside and let an alcoholic hit rock bottom.

  5. ABO, sadly.
    but the Anyone needs to be someone who can garner enough votes to defeat the O.

    Not voting against O is voting for O. And although you threaten to vote for O, I hope that's the frustration talking and not a future truism.