Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ok, I'm Just Being Mean

At an upcoming Obama fundraiser, they'll be charging $5000 to get your picture taken with the First Lady.

Seems like a lot, but extra-wide lenses aren't cheap.


  1. Harvey, I watched all of the CBS vid with Plante that I could stomach.

    I ordered Pizza Hut tonight, so my tolerance level of releasing vomit is lower than normal.

    Just sayin'...

    What in the mortal hell is going on with the black and white oval ghost buster pattern deal on that gal?

    My beloved wife of 33 years and I were talking about this a couple of days ago.

    Pam said, "Whoever her fashion consultant is...she is playing some cruel joke on her. And, she must be so enthralled with herself (yep...Pam actually said "enthralled") that she buys that load of shit."

    (Yep, Pam actually said "shit," too).

    But, I can honestly say that I approve more of Michelle than I do of ObozO. I give her a minus 8, and her husband a minus infinity (Jeepers! Was that third grade, or what?).

    I'm sure she's actually a very nice Homo sapien. I try not to let appearance cloud my judgment about peoples, and there have certainly been some extremely ugly, big-toofered, domineering, broad-assed chicks with redeeming qualities.

    Or, so I've heard.'re not "mean" at all, Harvey.

    It's "Just the facts, ma'am...just the facts."

  2. Sorry, Andy, I didn't mean for anyone to actually WATCH the video. That was just there as a reference link in case people thought I was making up the "$5000 a pic" thing.

    Everyone else - that nightmare dress Andy refers to pops up about 50 seconds in.

  3. Holy sweet mother of God.

    Of course you don't need wideangle if you only photograph her from the neck up.

    I wonder if that's like the whole tits/ass thing with men/women, men's asses disapear first when they lose weight, and women's tits sag or disapear as they age. Maybe The Won's ears expand when his ego grows, but Michelle's ass expands when her ego grows.

    Sorry, that was out loud again, wasn't it.

  4. She should only be pictures behind a podium or with a crowd of children in front of her. It is like there is no quality control for propagandists any more.