Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Solving the Puzzle

Thousands of gun owners have pledged their participation, promising to spend a $2 bill at Starbucks to show their support for the company's common sense position [of allowing concealed carry weapons on premises]. The $2 question: should the TJ go in the barristas' tip jar or should we use it to pay for the coffee? Your thoughts?


Stamp the $2 bill as seen below:

Then pick either option.


  1. Can you even get anything at Starbucks for $2?

  2. DUDE...why did you stamp a zero onto that $2 bill??
    Isn't that like counterfeiting or some thing...I think I hear the black helicopters coming for you.

  3. Since the policy is a corporate one and the baristas are likely all still liberal anti-gun turds, i think the answer is obvious.

    It is curious that we feel the need to reward someone for doing what ought to be normal background bahavior. (let legislatures make laws).

  4. BB - Don't be silly. It's only counterfeiting if you add TWO zeros:

  5. I go there all the time, often open carrying. The barristas don't treat me any different than they treat anyone else. Always very pleasant, very friends. Good coffee, good service, and I don't have to worry about being kicked out halfway through my coffee.

  6. That's because they fear you. Be assured, they are whispering about you.