Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sure, I'll Go There

Seriously, they're naming a Navy ship after Gabrielle Giffords.

Is it really a good idea to name a vessel after someone who's had a hole blown in her?


  1. There are ideas that are funny.

    And there are ideas that might have been funny but weren't because they were rudely brought forth.

    Finally, there are ideas that are so freakin' rudely brought forth, they become funny again. Like this post, which I approve of.

  2. Seems to me you should have to have done something significant for this country to have a ship named after you. Not just been in the way of a psychotic nut.

  3. heresolong - Amen. They might as well have called it the "USS Wrong Place, Wrong Time"

  4. Didn't you blog on this subject recently or was that The Professor?

    Mabus said courage has defined the Navy since it's inception, so it made sense to name the ship after someone "who has become synonymous with courage."

  5. we really need a ship called the YOKO ONO, but I guess we'll have to settle for the JOHN LENNON

  6. BB - No way on Lennon. At least Giffords *survived* getting a hole blown in her...

  7. Actually I what I meant was If only yoko had taken the bullet Instead of john, I could live with a ship named after her.

  8. You know I could strongly support a school for military JAG Officers named for Judge Roll, whoi died in that attack. I don't recall ever meeting him although I probably did, when he was a kid. When I got out of the Service the judge who gave me the join or jail choice said if I got out with an Honorable Discharge and otherwise good "grades" he'd do something for me. So I got in contact and he did, it took awhile though. So, being at loose ends I passed through southwest Arizona, in a tiny town called Roll.I worked cotton gins and seed mills, waved the flags and loaded chemicals for a crop dusting service and otherwise avoided trouble until my big break with my rural Texas job and career happened.

    Anyhow I met the Roll family, nice folks. I remember the postmaster, named "Someething" Roll who had a then teenaged daughter named Karen who was, I recall, heartbreakingly beautiful. There were other kids in the family, I'd run 'cross them at the coffee shop and grocery store. I'm sure the furure Judge John roll was among them but who really notices kids? Anyhow, there's no real point to this story except that all the people named Roll that I ever met on my sojourn through Arizona were fine people and Judge Roll was far more deserving of an honor than an undistinguished back bencher congresscritter Whose only clain to fame was not ducking.

  9. I also thought this was stupid when I heard of it. Her husband must really hate the Navy to permit them to go through with this.

    Can you imagine the first time this ship goes into combat and the captain has to exhort his crew to uphold the honor of the ship's namesake?

    Captain: Men, ladies (and servicepeople of undetermined or undeclared gender), we are going into battle today. We left all our guns and missiles back at the home port, so we will be completely disarmed and helpless and depending on the other ships around us to protect us. If they fail, we are prepared to take a hit to the brain-pan and then drift helplessly until someone else comes to help us... Just like Gabby.

    Crew: For Gabby!

    Captain: But no matter how this turns out, we will all be getting medals for valor.

  10. Prof, you are a cruel, cruel man...

    *holds up hand for hi-5*

  11. Harvey, I read this post in my Feedreader when you put it up, and guffawed. I have been waiting to drop in and give a "bravo."

    I'm glad I waited. These comments are friggin' hilarious! Seriously!

    Made my morning!

    Each one is like one of those, "I wish I'd said that" deals.

    Laughing, and can't quit...Really...

  12. Gabby may well be thinking "I got shot in the face and didn't even get the t-shirt, just my name on this stupid boat."