Wednesday, February 22, 2012

There, I Feel Better Now

It's been insanely warm & dry in Wisconsin this winter. Only had to break out the snowblower twice so far this year, and we've only had a handful of days where the high temp was below 32 degrees (which, in MY mind, is the difference between a good winter day and a bad one).

Just so I don't start taking it all for granted, I fired up a game of "Digger":

[YouTube direct link] (Viewer #440,564)


  1. you are a sad sick little man,...snow whiskey(heh,heh, snort).

  2. With any luck, perhaps you'll be able to start a vineyard, but only if temps begin to approach what was normal during The Medieval Climate Optimum (when food production and population soared in Medieval Europe, Scotland exported locally grown wine, "Vinland" in what is now northern Newfoundland actually produced grapes, and Greenland was a net exporter of dairy products). Of course, such temperatures would greatly exceed those decried by doomsayers of Cult of anthropogenic Climate Scare-ism, but why let actual facts color their screeches of alarm?