Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Unbelievable shenanigans in Florida:
A local atheist organization made a splash on Saturday when they symbolically washed away a blessing placed on a major highway into the county one year ago.
As a non-evangelical atheist, I would like to condemn these actions. They do not speak or act for me.

And I certainly don't understand the point of what they did.

If atheism is right, then the blessing was meaningless, and they washed away nothing.

If atheism is wrong, God will give precedence to the original blessing over their childish antics, and they washed away nothing.

All they accomplished was wasting time and clean water while pointlessly annoying people who never did them any harm.


  1. Harvey, you are a TRUE atheist. I've only crossed paths with a few, and you are one of 'em.

    I have long held that most folks claiming "atheism" are really God-haters...like little kids in the back yard with a plastic sword, lashing out at an imaginary enemy.

    But, true atheists (like yourself) have the attitude, "To each their own, and if I'm wrong, God'll take care of that."

    True Christians (like myself) hold that same philosophy.

  2. In my experience, practicing Christians tend to be friendlier and more trustworthy than average, so I'm all in favor of those who choose it.

    Never understood the whole God-hating, Christian-bashing scene.

  3. There's a big difference between atheist and anti-theists. Atheists have no beliefs. Anti theists have the damnedest weird beliefs. Using unholy water to wash away a blessing?

  4. Makes me want to put on a Flying Spaghetti Monster "Pastafarian" T-shirt and anoint that highway in marinara sauce.

    Makes about as much sense.

  5. Nearly every time I see the terms "evangelical atheist" or "non-evangelical atheist" I chuckle (sadly). Heck, I almost always chuckle (sadly) at the use of the term "evangelical Christian" as well. Inigo Montoya had a phrase for the ways most folks use the term "evangelical" nowadays...

    But as for your analysis of the uselessness of atheists "washing away" a blessing and the way in which it may have offended superstitious "Christians" who think they can manipulate God with symbolic magic: spot on.

  6. I don't mind the Christians blessing the road. I think it's cute and sweet, like a little kid hugging a teddy bear.

    The atheists doing the washdown are more like a little kid kicking a puppy.

  7. Great take, Harvey, both in your post and in your last comment.

  8. Besides, it's not like it hasn't rained in the intervening year. I mean, what's the point of the atheists' actions other than to be annoying?