Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Obama's Lawyers Are Insane

Because they can talk about Obamacare's "provision that says everyone has to carry insurance," then in the very next breath claim "we're not forcing you to buy a product."

Really not sure how these monsters sleep at night.


  1. I like the part where they say "even if 95% of the people want it", ignoring the fact that over 70% of the people don't want it.

    Hopefully they're right about how throwing this out would undermine parts of the New Deal. Who new, however, that the New Deal was about protecting people from big government.

    Typical Canadian attitude. Americans are only against this because they are afraid of change. I have had the "health care" debate with friends and family in Canada and a number of them think we are crazy for not having government run health care.

    I wonder if he thinks that the appropriate place to debate the legality of abortion should be Congress and the voting booth, rather than putting policy debates in front of the Supreme Court.

  2. If anything, it ought to be the Canadians who are against America going to national health care. Then they will have to go all the way to Mexico for treatments they can't get at home.

  3. Not insane. They are just arrogant, full of Shiite and DGARA whether anyone believes them as long as they can BS the thing enough to get it by.

  4. Monsters sleep well. They gots no conscience, Harv.


    I've known several, and God hep me, I'll probably cross paths with several others before I croak.

    Sad thing is that a good portion of those that "walk among us" can listen to their inane drivel and think, "They're smart! Sounds good to me!"

    HOPEfully, there are only 4 retards on the SCOTUS.

    We shall c.

  5. 4 retards and one senile.
    Flip a coin.

  6. Heads they win. Tails, we lose.


  7. They don't sleep at night, that is when they stalk the countryside searching for blood.