Saturday, March 3, 2012

Still A Better Artist Than Picasso

Painting a beautiful landscape image in 90 seconds with one finger.

[YouTube direct link] (Viewer #11,360,271)

According to one comment:
"This guy sells his paintings in the streets of Barcelona (Spain). After this video went viral, they talked about him on the news. Each of those paintings is sold for 3 euros, a little more than 3 dollars."

A little Googling, and it turns out his name is Fabián Gaete.

His website (in the original Spanish) (Google Translate English)

And a nice article about him (in the original Spanish) (Google Translate English) which, contrary to the commenter, says he sells his paintings for 6 euros each or 3 for 10

About the title: I'm not generally a huge fan of Impressionism in painting, but I like it WAY better than Cubism, and I'm VERY much a fan of people who can do things very well while making it look easy.

Like the guy who came over to fix my furnace the other day. 24 years old, never had any secondary education, started working for the company at 16 and just worked his way up. Said he likes repair more than installation because well, yeah, it's more money, but he also likes the challenge of making something broke work again.

He had my mysteriously malfunctioning firebox diagnosed & repaired in under half an hour, while simultaneously explaining in detail how a furnace works (I was curious because in my Navy days, I worked on heat exchangers, which run on exactly the same principles.)

He's a better artist than Picasso, too.

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