Tuesday, April 3, 2012

26 Movie Monsters

With "monster" loosely defined.

[Vimeo direct link]

Thought I was doing fine, then I missed "I".

Doing well again, and missed O, Q, R, U, & X.

Little help? Or at least a link to an answer key?


  1. I didn't get a bunch, but I'm a little surprised you missed "U". One of my other favourite lines from that scene is "What about his legs? He don't need those."

  2. I have the answers, but you might be disappointed in yourself if you look at them.

    Here goes; last chance to turn back:

    Incubus (The Incubus), Orca, Queen of the Damned, Razorback, Ugluk (Lord of the Rings) and XTRO

    1. Ok, I don't feel so bad now, since I haven't seen those.

      Except LotR, but in my defense, I've only seen that scene once. Usually when I see "2 Towers" on TV, I usually surf in during the battle of Helm's Deep.