Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Best Reason to Support Mitt Romney

From John Hawkins:
Obama is throwing the country off of a cliff and when you're plunging into a bottomless chasm, you can't get too picky about which branch you grab on the way down.


  1. We have already been through the process of picking branches. There is only one left. Take it or leave it.

  2. Yeah but all the branches are democrat..think I'll wait and see If I can do a wiley coyote and survive when I hit bottom..besides It's not the fall that'll kill ya It's that sudden stop at the end...or Is It having Obamacare getting passed I forget which.

  3. Well, Mitt Romney has said repeatedly that he'll repeal Obamacare if elected.

    Sadly, whenever he says that, I feel like a 3-card-monte dealer is telling me "all you have to do is pick the red card and you win. It's easy!"

  4. Because politicians are like future game show host's
    "we don't lie, like our previous winner's whitman,price and hadat there they are at this very moment basking In the Maui sun" (the runningman)

  5. Well my favorite candidate fell apart in the "debates". Still wondering just how we allow die hard Donks to run our debates and why our primaries are set up with somewhat lefty states going first, making it hard for the conservative wing of the Party to gain traction.

    Still, if Romney is the nominee I am going to switch from a guy who mildly disliked Mitt to the most wild eyed Mitt supporter you ever saw. I mean, my God, the Democrats made me vote for that turncoat sonofabitch McCain, , Romney isn't nearly so bad.

  6. Peter - True. Unlike McCain, Romney hasn't put his name on any legislation that the Supreme Court had to overturn, like McCain-Feingold.