Friday, April 20, 2012

Fair! Fair! Fair!

I'm sick to death of "fairness":
There remains a role for government to give everybody a "fair shot," Obama said.

Just give me liberty.

I'll make my own fairness.


  1. What? It's government's role to issue firearms and ammo, then line up "feddle gummint bureaucraps" to use for target practice? While that'd give everyone a "fair shot" it's an unusual stance for a "feddle gummint" tyrannist to take...

  2. I'm in favor of this policy going into effect:

    When proposing a law which effects the entire United States, the congressman or leader proposing the law should have to stand on a stool under a large tree with a rope tied around their neck.

    At any time while they're speaking, a member of the crowd may go up and push the stool out from under them.

    Any other member of the crowd can then at that point choose to save them, and then that leader or person will decide if they wish to continue (should they live, however they'll still have to wear the rope and use the stool.)