Thursday, April 19, 2012

Firefox Running Slow? YouTube Videos Hang or Freeze?

UPDATE: 2 days later, Firefox is running poorly again, so this was not the solution to my problem


Found a site that explains how to fix it with a minimum of fuss:

Just create a new profile.

Basically it has the same rejuvenating effect as a re-install, but it's completely reversible.

The downside:

1) Having to reinstall all my add-ons/extensions

It may help to jot down which versions of those you're currently running, so if you have an older version of Firefox, you can search for a version of the add-on that will work with it. I had to poke around a bit to find a version of Adblock Plus that worked with FF 3.6.9

2) Having to re-enter all the logins & passwords that I relied on Firefox remembering for me, and which I've long since forgotten. Fortunately, I have them all written down elsewhere, so I'll get by.

Also, you can find them by going to the Firefox menus: Tools>Options>Security>Saved Passwords. I just forgot to do it.

On the bright side, I can just open up my old profile and get them, then switch back.


  1. Do the regular upgrades have the same affect? Is that a new windows profile or a new firefox profile? can I do this by deleting/renaming/moving profile file or is there a function within Firefox?

  2. Those are all good questions for Google.

    I'm lucky to have found the above link at all. It's almost impossible to get legitimate advice on the internet about improving an aspect of your computer's speed.

    Lotta people trying to sell computer-speed snakeoil out there...

  3. Or switch to Google Chrome. It's much less of a memory hog, and each new page opened is a new process, which means one can fail and it won't affect the others (unless the whole thing fails, which happens rarely)

  4. Chrome's ok, but I don't like that the tabs are located above the address bar, or that "open in new tab" is the top entry on the right-click context menu (I generally prefer new windows).