Friday, April 6, 2012

From the People Who Brought You Obamacare

Jay Carney, it makes me sick that these words can come out of your mouth and you can still sleep at night:
You know that the only way in modern day Washington to achieve a significant budget compromise is when both parties are willing to work together. That doesn't mean a unanimous Republican vote in the House or a unanimous Democratic vote in the Senate. It means coming together in a balanced way on a balanced approach. The president and Democratic leaders have demonstrated their willingness to embrace a balanced approach that the American people overwhelmingly support.

Funny, when Obamacare was on the line, it was all "we gotta push this through immediately to solve this urgent crisis," and not peep one about the kumbaya of bipartisanship.


  1. They were in a hurry to vote for it before they got tossed out of office and lost the majority on the House.

  2. Also, whenever Libs speak of compromise, they want to remain exactly where they're at, and have the Conservatives compromise with them.

    What some people fail to realize, is that these two political views can't compromise with each other because of how fundamentally different they are.

  3. Andrew, you've hit the nail on the head. When the Democratic position is raise taxes and spending, and the Republican position is cut taxes and spending, where is the compromise possible? It becomes, as we have seen, raise some taxes now for promises of future spending cuts which never materialize. Ronald Reagan believed the Democratic lies and never did get his spending cuts, only the tax increases. To this day I hear people complain that Reagan raised their taxes.