Friday, April 20, 2012

I'm Not Trusting This One, Either

The CBO is predicting that food stamp use will continue to rise slightly until 2014, then start falling.

Puts me in mind of Obama's famous prediction about unemployment:

Remember, if government workers could predict the future, they'd be putting that talent to use making money in the stock market.

Don't rely on a word they say about the future.


  1. Predicting the future is easy, as long as you are always focused on the future and never what you said about it yeaterday (that is the past--- who cares about that?)

  2. Plus:

    1. Bush messed things up much more than we thought.

    2. It would hav been much worse if we hadn't done ____(fill in the blank)____

    3. Darned Republicans are stonewalling our efforts in teh congress to fix anything. They would rather see America fail than let us help you.

    And don't forget everybody's favorite, "with this plan we will balance the budget by (insert date that is at least 15 years from now)".