Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'm on Team Teacher

Via Winning at Everything:

[Full story here]

The important thing to take away here is that the kid didn't do his homework.

I say it's perfectly ok for the teacher to shame him and make him feel horrible so that it doesn't happen again.

There's nothing wrong with attaching a negative outcome to negative behavior.


  1. Depending on the extent of excess adipose tissue and the kids grades, he could have thrown in a question about whether the kid had eaten his math text as well, and I'd have been fine with that, too.

  2. If a male teacher asked me that in school, I would have laid him out and taken the suspension.

    That, or implied that his wife or mom ate it while I fornicated with her.

    It'd depend on what kind of mood I was in, and if the teacher was male/female (Obviously, I'm not going to hit a female teacher)

    and that would be the end of it.

  3. But Harvey, what about the poor dear's self esteeeeeem?

  4. Peter - having tried both methods, I found I got more self-esteem by doing my homework and forcing people who hated me to give me straight A's than I did by not doing the homework and not caring what other people thought of me.

  5. While normally I would agree with you, on this one I have to disagree... there are plenty of ways to evoke the desired response without going to the weight and seemingly giving the green light to other students' teasing and possible bullying.

    I'd also ask if you would feel the same way if the target student was a female rather than a male as implied by the article?

  6. Yes, girls need to do their homework, too.

  7. I figured you'd be straight up about it, but never hurts to ask. Many people will get all in-a-wad about saying something to a female that they're just fine about being said to a male.