Friday, April 13, 2012

Next Time, Just Stop at 100

There's this stupid cliche where people who give their all during an activity describe it as "giving 110%".

Joyless nitpickers (including me) enjoy pointing out that by definition it's impossible to give more than 100%.

Lately, though, I've been hearing more and more people doubling down on stupid and talking about "giving 120%"... because obviously people who give merely 110% are just lazy, slacking, slobs.

Well, I'm getting ahead of the curve.

From now on, I will give pi.

Which is upwards of 314%

Take that, you nap-taking, layabout couch-potatoes who are only giving e.


  1. Didn't you guys take the reactors on Big E past 100% when you needed to get somewhere in a hurry?

  2. I can neither confirm nor deny the maximum power output of the reactors installed on the USS Enterprise.

  3. He can confirm that the USS Enterprise had a top speed in excess of 5 kn, though.

  4. Actually, I'm authorized to inform you that the Enterprise's top speed is in excess of 30 knots.

    Which is damned impressive for a ship the size of the Chrysler Building.

  5. I only give 60% effort that way I always have a 40% reserve for the unexpected that may arise....besides I've seen whats left of you 110%ers you give all your effort all day and then try to drive home during rush hour flipping your car into the ditch causing accidents.." A man's got to know his limitations"(Dirty Harry)

  6. In the Army, at meetings, I'd tell my boss I was a true team player -- willing to give 80 percent so that two others could give their 110%. The bosses always looked at me funny. Later, after retiring from the Army, in my civilian jobs, when surrounded by knuckleheads in the workforce, I'd agree with my bosses that "there ain't no 'I' in Team " and then remind them "so obviously I ain't part of no Team"

  7. Hoe fast will it make the Kessel Run?

  8. Harvey, I want to thank you for this post. I am pretty sure that I have personally used the term, "give it 110%."

    I probably haven't but I may have, so I'll say I did.

    I shall NEVER use that term again. I especially won't use the "120%" deal, because that is WAY retarded.

    Sure...some things can run at when you've got an electrical device that requires 30 amps, but the breaker and wire size are able to handle 40 amps (just in case the electrical device goes cuhhhraaaaaazzzzzeeee on you). Sometimes that happens.

    I mean, sometimes electrical devices do.

    But, those are RARE occasions (even though I've seen it happen).

    So, I will restrain myself from using either of those terms.

    Unless I really do give 120% on something...then I'll do a blog post about it, and bitch-slap anybody that gives me grief over it.

    But, that ain't gonna happen. Because, these days I'm working my way up to giving 80%.

  9. Not so. I know many people who steal credit for 55% of two other people's work and pass it off as their own....