Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Remind Me Not to Drive in Orlando

A 93-year-old woman finally stopped driving her 1964 Mercury Comet Caliente after putting 576,000 miles on it.

Why? Well the car's fine, but:
"I am legally blind, so I can no longer drive my lovely Chariot," she said by phone. "They don’t have to take it away, I would not dream of driving that car again."
she last drove on March 9. The following day, her worst fears were confirmed when she couldn't read large headlines in the newspaper, the result of years of deteriorating vision."

Defensive driving, folks.

Always & everywhere.

Because the other driver might be blind.


  1. NOW do you understand a bit more about that drive from the airport a few years ago? ;-)

  2. Come on Tammi, you weren't THAT old then :-D

  3. Tammi doesn't remember anything about the drive to the little cafe in Terrell, Texas but that little brown Pug, Eddie. I reckon she couldn't tell you anything about me, either but everything about Eddie. That was a case of distracted riding. Yet if she'd have been driving?

    Shortly after I hired on a device called the "Auto-Jack became available by mail. Male (?) customers would buy them, plug them into the ligher socket of their car and apply the device to a certain apandage. I caught a couple of 'em. Oddly the device was not supposed to be used by the operator of the car while driving, but often was. That was probably more distracting than three kids in the backseat, a nagging spouse, four beers and a cell phone.

    Blind? Yeah, it happened. A helluva lot of other things happen too. Drive even more defensively, at least most old folks drive slow.

  4. Smart ass.....I meant see what I had to share the road with! lol (I miss you)

    Oh, now come on Peter, of COURSE I remember! But Eddie does hold an extra special place in my heart......lol. That was one of the biggest highlights of my entire journey out here.....

  5. I remember that lady. I did a post about her several years ago. There was a video, and the old gal was as sharp as a tack! I think she only had about 500,000 on the car at that time.

    Well, at least she knew when it was time to pack it in.

  6. Yeh, well my dad hung up his keys at 88 when he realized neuropathy had robbed him of the ability to judge how strongly (or even if) he was pressing the brake or accelerator. Smart choice.