Monday, April 23, 2012

So Wrong

Some liberal twit said the whole "Obama ate a dog" kerfluffle is because some people "want to pretend that this president is an alien creature."

No... it's because...

Obama ate a dog!

Then mentioned it in a book like it was perfectly normal.

Wake up, you obtuse moron - HE ATE A FREAKING DOG!

If you don't know what's wrong with that, you're not qualified to comment on American culture.


  1. it just shows how worldly and well-traveled he is. You are just too unsophisticated to understand.

  2. Mentioned in a book; recorded it for an audiobook. The guy's probably been dining off that lil tidbit for years by mentioning it to his multi-culti citcle as some sort of badge of "authenticity" validating his cultural purity. You know--his complete scorn for normal Americans with their guns and faith(s) and aversion to eating puppies.

  3. Maybe it was just a typo.

    "Mmmmmmm. Dognuts."

  4. I pretend he's an alien creature all the time. Maybe an illegal alien. Who eats Rin Tin Tin.

  5. And you ate a cow. And a pig. And a chicken. Maybe a duck.

    Because those domesticated animals are, like, worth less than some other domesticated animal?

  6. Anonymous - Fuck off. Quit pretending you don't understand.