Saturday, April 21, 2012

To Andy, On His Blog Retirement

Everyone wants to hang it up sometimes.

That's fine.

Whatever you do, though, don't delete your blog.

Things change. Including minds.

Besides, I *guarantee* at some point you'll want to find an old post you wrote.


  1. Hi Harvey! Thanks. No...I wasn't foolish enough to delete the blog. I've got tons of crap loaded up on there that I will one day want to look back on and think, "What the hell was I thinking?"

    Did turn it private, though (at least for now). It's a long story, but job circumstances are changing (for the WAY better), and my social profile needs to be GREATLY reduced.

    You've been a wonderful virtual friend, and blog pal. Mucho apprecionado!

  2. Ah, job reasons.

    That's why I avoid Facebook & Twitter.

    Perfectly understandable.

  3. Well, Andy, glad to know it's for a GOOD of luck to you!

  4. Hopefully LSU has a good football season to goad Andy back into posting!

  5. And he turned off comments so we couldn't fuss at him. First Two Dogs, then his cousin. *sigh*

    Inno's right, though -- football season is right around the corner and someone has to publish the excuses when the Razorbacks whomp up on the Tiggers in Fayetteville at the direction of the new Interim Head Coach. (Or Corch, if that's easier to interpret!) You know, the one who is not expected to see nude pics of himself on the worldwide web shortly.

  6. Mrs. are as always the most gracious of ladies!

    Inno...probably not gonna happen...I mean, the goading back in to blogging thing.

    But, Moogie seems to think that I will somehow have to resurface to make excuses for something that has a ZERO percent chance of happening...the Hawgz? Beating my Tigers? Hell, they can't even ride momocycles, or cover up illicit affairs with hot blonde chicks. They did hire them a good corch, but he's old, and probably never used a headset, so I ain't worried about that ONE BIT!

    I have got TWO posts left in me worth reading, though. One is about an event that I witnessed on Independence Day, 2011 that I never brought myself to tell about. The other is super secret, and I can't even give vague details. But, I'll g-mail y'all a link. I know y'all can't barely wait!!!