Monday, May 14, 2012

Good Enough Reason for Me

This caught my eye.
JetBlue Airways released a statement late Thursday afternoon and cited "a computer glitch" as the reason behind the removal of an 18-month-old girl from a flight leaving Fort Lauderdale on Tuesday night.

The toddler and her parents were asked to get off the plane after they had just boarded the flight to Newark, N.J.
"We were put on display like a circus act because my wife wears a hijab," the baby's father said, adding that he thought his family was being profiled because they're of Middle Eastern descent.
Considering what people of Middle Eastern descent did, there's a reason to profile you.

If I walk into a bank wearing a ski mask, I probably shouldn't expect a friendly greeting, even if I'm doing it in Minnesota in the dead of winter when it's 50 below.

Fact is, EVERYONE profiles you, Mr. Middle Eastern Descent. They're just too polite to say anything. This sucks. Just like it sucked to be of Japanese or German or Italian descent in WWII.

There's never a good time to look like the enemy during a war.


  1. Maybe it you stopped naming 3/4 of all your kids some variation of "Mohammed" you would make things a little easier on people who maintain terrorist watch lists.

    Just saying.

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  3. Pretty much yep. Although picking on the 18 month-old-thing is kinda creepy, regtardless of ethnicity.

  4. Maybe they thought the baby was an WMD...seriously have you ever changed a fully loaded diaper before??

  5. What these PC meatheads do not seem to understand is that they are increasing the chances for total war. Bowing the odd jetliner out of the sky is one thing, the PC types that survive will merely blame conservatives. But sooner or later the Jihadis will get ahold of one or more nukes. When Manhatten and Washington, DC are smoking craters there will be no way that hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of Muslims will become radioactive fallout.

  6. Did they remove the 18 month old girl because she was the terror suspect or because if they remove the hijab-wearing wife the 18 month old pretty much comes as a package deal? Not really clear from the part of the story quoted. If it really was a mistake then I'm glad they apologized. If, in fact, they pulled the family out because they were middle easterners and matched the names of people on the watch list, then that is how it should have gone. That should be the end of the story. Enough of the hand wringing about being profiled.

    Either way, I'm OK with ethnic profiling when we are war with Muslim (ie mostly Middle Eastern) extremists. What I'm not OK with is wasting time searching a Senator (1), a Medal of Honor winner (2), and a grandmother/toddler combo(3) which distracts from looking for actual suspects.