Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Media Are Idiots

Admittedly, this news story is from a greasy British tabloid, but I've seen this same sentiment expressed by supposedly-responsible media outlets, too:
Technology-addicts regularly go 48 hours without speaking to anyone in person, a study has found.

A significant three per cent of adults fall into a so-called ‘digitally dominant’ group which will mainly communicate via text, email or video calls.

It suggests technology – from smartphones to iPads – is helping to kill off physical and social interaction among those obsessed with the devices.

What kills me is the picture and caption for this story:

The guy is holding an animated conversation with two other people.

Yeah. Isolated.

This whole notion is fallacious. E-mail is human interaction. Phone calls are human interation. Face-to-face is human interaction.

I'm still going with this sentiment:

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  1. I agree. I see lots of people every day so connected to the trivia and minutia of other people's lives that they can't be troubled to look where they are walking.