Thursday, June 28, 2012


No matter what, part of the country will be breathing a sigh of relief, and part will be gasping in horror.

I hope to be in the sighing half.

UPDATE: Well, the Supreme Court upheld the Obamacare individual mandate. Guess I'm in the gasping half.


  1. I need oxygen.

    And a stiff drink.

    And a new president and Congress. A new chief justice might not hurt. What a chickensh*t maneuver to toss the ball back to Congress.

  2. Okay, so what's left to us now? SC has effectively ruled that Congress can't use the commerce clause to dictate what we buy, but they can use taxes. Even if this bill gets repealed, we're still in danger of being forced to buy things or pay taxes.

  3. I'm just going to breathe, relax, and think of the 21st Amendment.

    In America, there's no such thing as an idiocy that can't be undone.

    1. What about the 10th Amendment? That seems to have fallen out of favor.

  4. Excuse me.....what are you people on about??????????????
    I'm sorry but I'm not coming out of my cave until Obama Is out of office.
    So would someone please explain.

    1. The Supreme Court upheld Obamacare.

      Very soon, if you don't buy health insurance, the government will make you pay a "don't have health insurance tax."

      Most folks were expecting the court to scrap the entire law.

  5. Even though upholding the mandate seems to me to be flipping the bird at the COnstitution, Roberts may have snookered the libs he voted with.

    1. Slaps down the Commerce Clause justification.
    2. Calls Obama and all the Dhimmicraps who pushed the thing through liars (they insisted the mandate was NOT a tax, over and over and over again).
    3. May have opened the door for an even more substantive legal challenge. The House bill was completely scrapped and the bill that was passed was a Senate bill that included the mandate, now pronounced to be a tax by the Supreme Court decision. Tax measures MUST be initiated by the House. (Article I Section 7) Now, I'm sure any argument against invalidating it on grounds like this will be amusing as all get out, but at the very least defense of the law against such a legal arguent will make absolutely clear who believes the Constitution is a useless scrap of paper.

    *shrugs* All this will meander off into "incomprehensible dumb acts by Congress struck down by history" IF we work to gain two houses full of congresscritters with majorities beholden to at least a fig leaf of regard for the Constitution and throw the Bum and First Moocher out of the Cafe Au Lait House.

    Let's be The People deciding this November 6, 'K?

    1. Because Roberts' opinion on the commerce clause wasn't representative of the majority opinion, I don't believe it establishes a legal precedent of any kind. The four liberal judges that Roberts sided with certainly didn't vote against the commerce clause.

    2. Well, during my one year of law school, I learned that lawyers can and will cite pretty much anything that's in writing.

      And depending on the case, a judge may find it persuasive.

      Law is an odd field.

  6. Good thing we held out noses for Geowrge W bush so he would appoint that strict constructionist to the court. This would have been a total disaster without that.

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  8. Is it time to start gutting motherfuckers yet?

  9. I'm with Grau - it's beyond time. HOWEVER...

    I can't help but think that Roberts is a shrewd s.o.b. who may be thinking out of the box as David suggests.

    Years ago, our former Republican Governer Bob Riley came into office with an inherited fiscal mess and a deadlocked state legislature. To everyone's shock, he immediately put forth the single largest tax measure in state history and sent it to the voters. It was not only defeated, it was trounced and BURIED at the polls. Throughout his fervent campaign to pass this hopeless measure, everywhere he was being blasted as inept and branded a traitor and a tax-loving Democrat in disguise. Most of the state libs supported his measure, but even the more moderate Dems saw how the public was stoked to ire and backed away. Everyone was aghast at what was happening. I mean... Seriously? During his election campaign he seemed so... so... Conservative! We were duped!

    Then on the night of the election, I saw something that most people missed or ignored. He was SMIRKING as he announced his tax program's defeat. That crafty bastard! He's happy that it was defeated! As everyone continued to call him a traitor and an idiot, he went on to address the legislature, (paraphrasing) 'The People of Alabama have spoken. Our coffers are bare and they will not let us raise taxes to meet our current levels of spending. The People have left us NO CHOICE but to CUT SPENDING to balance our budget!' And cut he did. To this day, many people think of him as the lying turncoat governor who tried to pull off the biggest tax increase in state history. But I'm still certain he knew EXACTLY what he was doing when he walked in. In one fell swoop, he broke the deadlocked legislature* and got his mandate to gut state entitlements and programs almost without opposition. Pure genius - even more so that he was able to do it with (mostly) a straight face.

    I think Roberts just did the same thing. As critical as he was during questioning, it was clear how he regards the Obamacare legislation. Forcing it to be declared a tax has made Obamacare a noose around Barack's neck. Allowing it to seem like a 'Victory' is just giving Obama the rope he needs...

    *Deadlocked - seriously... they were peeing under their desks to hold the floor in marathon staring contests: