Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Microsoft Beats Up Apple, Steals Its Lunch Money

Via my blogless brother Tom, Microsoft is getting ready to launch its Surface tablet in October:

It features a seamlessly integrated kickstand that lets you rest the device on a table without an accessory, and Microsoft will offer two covers that double as keyboards to enable laptop-like usage.

Now, obviously I will still never buy one of these, because touchscreens are stupid, but I find it hilarious that those "geniuses" at Apple didn't think of the kickstand & keyboard/cover.

Of course, if I really want to type and control my screen's viewing angle, I'll just buy a laptop, but kudos to Microsoft for addressing two of the most glaring conceptual flaws that all tablets suffer from.


  1. So now all they have to do Is give It a 15" screen,better keyboard,mouse and the option to downgrade to Win 7...and...OH then you'd just have an overpriced under powered laptop..never mind.

  2. I know a lot of people that have either an iPad or a tablet and love them. I really don't see the appeal of them. For portability I have my Droid Razr. For computing power I have my lap top. Why would I want something in between?

  3. Why are touch screens stupid? Just wondering.

  4. Rave - because I'm a touch-typist.

    For some activities, a touch screen might be a better interface than a mouse (like for taking your order at a restaurant). But for data entry, it's very limiting.

  5. I don't like the "typing" experience on my Kindle Fire. Heck, I don't like it on friends' iPhads I've played around with. But since what I use my Fire for requires very little typing (books, movies, web browsing, listening to music--when I'm in the presence of family members who don't "get" listening to music at performance volumes), I'm quite happy with it for what it does, and enjoy the happy medium between portability and usability that betters a notebook experience in some ways and very much betters a smart phone experience (for reading books, web browsing, watching movies--teensy screens vs actual visibility *heh*) in others.

    Still, most of what I do in computing demands a desktop or notebook format, and will for the foreseeable future. As such, the M$ Surface tablet might--just might--fit a niche of usability for me. What it won't pass muster on right away is its tightwad profile. The Win8RT version just won't do for me. I've tried and tried to like the Metro interface and it still gags me. Sure, it's OK for a tablet-only interface, but even then just OK. I'd need the Intel version with Win8Pro that would allow me to use a desktop metaphor with the keyboard, if I were to hit on a Surface, and it's projected to fall out$ide my Tightwad Parameter for mobile computing devices.

  6. Damn if I didn't just have this conversation an hour ago. I saw someone with that get-up and I said to the J.R., "My Asus that I bought back in '06 weighs less, has a real keyboard, and a screen just about as big. And it still runs great on XP. And touch screens are stupid."