Monday, July 16, 2012

Once a Bank Teller, Always a Bank Teller

[Via lolcats]

Most people look at this and see a cat and cash.

I check details.

There appears to be $570,000 here, assuming the cat's blocking a pattern.

The thickness of the stacks looks about right for 100 bills in each stack, although with only a few exceptions, you can't tell for sure that any of the bills in the stacks are actually $100s except for the top bill.

I see there's a small-portrait 100 in the collection. Most of those stopped circulating around the year 2000. I suspect the guy's been collecting for a while.

I see 3 piles that still have bank straps around them. Those aren't Federal Reserve straps. Those are after-market. And given the variety of colors & designs available, this makes me think that all three of those came from the same bank. And if you withdraw $10,000 or more in cash, the bank has to fill out a report to the IRS. I wonder if the guy knew about that when he got the money?

Strange that the guy's OCD made him have all the portraits facing the same direction, yet the 3 bank-strapped packs aren't in the same row or touching.

The single rubber bands aren't very tight, since the packs don't curl. This money is wrapped for storage, not transportation.

So I'm thinking this guy's a hoarder who's been saving up for a while. Probably to buy a $570,000 house with cash. Thus the picture, so as to mark the accomplishment of his goal.

If he were just hoarding cash, he'd have taken the pic at a round number, like $600,000. Or more likely $500,000. And Mr. OCD definitely wouldn't have added that last row of 7 packs unless the number were significant.


  1. You are not allowed to say I have to much time on my hands ever again after this post.

  2. How in the world did you know that small-portrait 100s stopped circulating around 2000?

    No, don't tell me -- that's a purely a rhetorical question in the vein of Blogless Brother's comment!

    Do you suppose the cat inherited the pile of cash? I could be his manager for a small fee.

  3. Moogie - gonna tell ya anyway. I was a bank teller from 1998 to 2005. The "big head" hundreds came out in 1996. Before I left the bank, small heads were scarcer than hen's teeth.

  4. See, now my head has imploded.

    Good memory.

  5. I find it funny that you spent that much time analyzing this picture. Especially considering that at one time you made fun of me for analyzing my traffic data.