Monday, July 23, 2012

Yeah, This Is Where I Lived for 4 Years

[via There, I Fixed It]

In the Navy, this is your bed. It's about 2 by 2 by 6, and the mattress is about 2 inches thick.

You get used to it.

Outside of Mr. 6'11, tall guys usually just learned to sleep on their sides with their knees up.

On the bright side, even enlisted guys' bunks have the "flimsy blue curtain of pseudo-privacy."


  1. it never occured to the Navy to have a min-max height for recruitment?

  2. I spent many a night in a "rack". I have seen that U/A mod. Good stuff.

  3. PH - I thought I remembered the Navy having those (as well as min/max weight) back when I was being recruited, but on the other hand, the military has a waiver for EVERYTHING, so it really depends on how bad they wanted the guy.

  4. My father says that, after bunking down under the flight deck, he can sleep through anything. I think they do still have height maximums for subs.

  5. Moogie - I was way below the flight deck.

    However, I was directly below the jet engine repair shop, and they tested those buggers whenever the hell they wanted to.

    Yeah, you learn to sleep through unimportant things pretty fast.

  6. My dad tells stories of bunking on the Kitty Hawk along side the catapults. Not only was it noisy, but the floor was often too hot to stand on.

  7. I have a jarhead co-worker, bunked one deck under the arresting gear on a carrier. He says the only time he ever noticed the noise was when the cable snapped.