Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Light Posting Ahead

My wife asked me for a divorce.

I might not have much to say here for a while.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Now You Can Dip Your Waffle Fries at Chik-fil-A

[Gizmodo, via American Digest]

You thought those small condiment cups you get at fast food restaurants only held a thimble's worth of ketchup, right? You were wrong. Horribly, brutally wrong. Turns out you can fan them out, meaning you can dunk your fries by the fistful into a sea of crimson tomato deliciousness. Consider your life forever changed.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

At Least a Corn Dog Has a Nice Flavor Balance

From blogdaughter Boudicca of Boudicca's Voice, I offer this quote:
Me: What?! What's wrong with Weird Science? It's a Classic 80s movie!

Eric *turning to my boys*: Classic 80s? Guys. Listen to me. It's like ordering a corn dog and saying, "This is the best corn dog I've ever had". It's still... a corn dog.

Yeah, I get the point, and I'll probably be saying "It's still a corn dog" a lot from now on, because it DOES apply in a lot of situations.

But classic 80's movies?

Look, there's a lot to not like about the shallow, insipid pop-culture of that decade, but the movie scene wasn't one of them.

The 80's was that wonderful transition period right after Star Wars when whole new vistas of special effects were opening up. Green screen had cleaned up enough so there was no longer a fuzzy black outline around composite shots, and advances in robotics and latex-molding gave us actual convincing aliens & monsters instead of guys in rubber suits.

Nowadays, advances in CGI have made directors lazy.

Don't have a good script? Who cares. Just throw more pixel-clutter on the screen until the audience is too distracted to notice there's no story.

If your live-action movie is more computer-cartoon than live action, you're doing it wrong.

For a corn dog to work, it need both corn AND dog.

And a stick, too, I guess, but I'm not sure where that fits in the analogy.