Saturday, December 22, 2012

Close Enough

A year ago, Spockgirl posted about Viva Puffs, which sounded delicious.

Unfortunately, they're only available in Canada.

But while wandering the cookie aisle at my local supermarket today, I noticed something in the "weird foreign cookies" section of the cookie aisle:

Pure Chocolate Whippets:

Apparently they're the Quebec version of Viva Puffs (and made by the same company).

Anyway, I feel complete now.


  1. Mallomars

  2. Heresolong - Yes, but Mallomars don't have that little splotch of raspberry goo in the middle.

    It's all about the goo.

  3. In Canada they also have a think called an "Ah, Caramel" made by Vachon. THey are soft cake, with a circle of cream filling on top, with a dab of caramel in the middle, coated in chocolate.

    Frozen, and blended in pairs with a cup of heavy cream, they are quite dangerous.

  4. Dang it, Og, you need to drop a link if you're going to mention goodies:

    Geez... I might need to make a trip up to Canada soon.

  5. When we do our annual visit I make sure the wife gets some, because she loves them...

    ... and as long as they're there, well I might just as well sample some.

  6. Thanks for the linky love Harvey. Glad you found something similar.

    On a side note to Og's comment, Vachon also makes some other super sweet sweets of which I rarely partake. Swiss Rolls and Passion Flakies.

    Merry Christmas!

  7. Spockgirl - Down here in the States, our low-budget bakery company of choice is Little Debbie, who does an admirable Swiss Roll.

    They don't have a Passion Flakie equivalent, but they just rolled this out cherry/cream cheese number:

    Personally, my favorite thing they do is Fudge Rounds. I always get the "Big Pack" box:

    Although their brownies are a good runner-up (except I don't care for those walnut chunks on top. I just pick those off):