Monday, December 24, 2012

I Can't Believe People Actually Like This Movie

Just finished watching "Rebel Without a Cause".

The dialogue was meandering and incomprehensible, and there was not a single likeable character in the film.

And James Dean's "incredible" performance appeared to consist largely of the sort of slow flopping on the ground that I generally associate with with weak, gasping, land-bound fish in their last 30 seconds of life.

What a downer.

Even Jim Backus in a flowery apron didn't cheer me up.


  1. He's horrible. He's maybe OK in "Giant" but that is his best work. Compared to Hudson and Taylor he's a rank amateur.

    Death was a great career move for Dean, and also for Marlon Brando who never had to get any better after Dean died.

  2. Coincidentally, I just finished watching "The Wild One", too.

    I liked Brando in that. It got that bad Dean taste out of my mouth.

    Maybe not "great" acting, but credit him with a solid performance.

    I've seen enough MST3K to know what a bad version of a motorcycle tough looks like.

  3. Oh, sure, Brando could act, but as a surly youth he contrasted himself with Dean, I imagine. So when Dean died, the archetype was set in stone and never improved, IMO.