Saturday, January 5, 2013

I Would Never Wear One of These

It's a little camera that you wear around your neck that automatically takes pictures all day long.

No, thank you. That's what my brain is for.

I say spend less time documenting your life and more time enjoying it.

That's also why I'll never own a smart phone. I work in The Matrix all day, and when I'm not obligated to stay there, I need to plug back into the real world for a while and enjoy what my senses have to offer.

AFK is OK. Really.

PS. YAY! Packers!


  1. I say spend less time documenting your life and more time enjoying it.

    Totally tweeted that.

  2. Joan - Heh. That's nearly as ironic as the fact that I posted it on a blog.

    Although I suppose that falls more under "chronicling" than "documenting" :-)

  3. Just over a month ago, I woke in the wee small hours and drove to a remote location where I climbed a tree and watched the sun rise. The turkeys woke and chttered away from me, crapping everywhere as they did. I never saw a deer, but I was able to read a good book while I waited, and I took several pictures which I have with me still, to remind me of what a beautiful day it was.

    Real life can be beautiful. And technology, used carefully, can enhance it.

    Not that I wouldn't gladly trade it all for a land rover and a 416 Rigby for the rest of my life.

  4. Pictures are great, but the best ones are often the ones in your head, the ones that can never be lost or taken away.