Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I'm Sure This Makes Me Unpatriotic

Just watched "7 Days in May", wherein Burt Lancaster plays a general plotting to overthrow the President because said President signed a complete nuclear disarmament treaty with Russia (obviously this was set during the Cold War).

Yeah, I was rooting for the General the whole time.

On a side note, the movie opens with a protest march outside the White House. Couldn't help noticing how clean-cut and well-dressed the protesters were.

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  1. Modern generals don't have the stones for this and there are too many 4 star generals who would countermand any orders. That would make everything a confusing mess and the troops would just sit on their hands until it was settled.

    There would have to ba a significan tevent that decapitated the national cammand so much that the top 5 of the existing order of successioin were removed. The generals migh chafe at taking the orders of the secretary of transportation (ala Battlestar Galactica)