Friday, January 18, 2013

My Kind of Jerk

Watched "Employees' Entrance" recently.

IMDB describes it as follows:
Kurt Anderson is the tyrannical manager of a New York department store in financial straits. He thinks nothing of firing an employee of more than 20 years or of toying with the affections of every woman he meets. One such victim is Madeline, a beautiful young woman in need of a job. Anderson hires her as a salesgirl, but not before the two spend the night together. Madeline is ashamed, especially after she falls for Martin West, a rising young star at the store. Her biggest fear is that Martin finds out the truth about her "career move."

I disagree with that description.

I *liked* Kurt. He was made manager to make the store profitable. He fires suppliers because they don't make deliveries as promised. He fires the "20 year employee" because he doesn't do anything to help the store become more profitable. He also bends over backwards to promote, praise, and support an employee who shows initiative.

Basically he's Howard Roark without the charm. And when he's mean to people (which is frequently), it's because HE'S good at running a store, THEY'RE not, and THEY are presuming to tell HIM how to do his job.

As for Madeline, well, she's a woman of loose ethics who cheated on her husband. Hardly the deceived innocent that IMDB makes her out to be.

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