Saturday, January 26, 2013

Strangely, This Works for Me

[YouTube direct link] (Viewer #324,354)

Ordinarily I'm not a fan of deathmetal. I prefer musicality over machine-gun drumming, chainsaw guitars, and constipated-bear vocals.

I actually like it in this video, because the mindless simplicity of the music & vocals is perfectly suited to the dim but enthusiastic grip dogs have on how the world works.

In short, if a dog could write a song, this is the song a dog would write.

And then I'd be like "Cool! My dog can write songs!" and I'd exploit his talent to make a million dollars for myself.

But I'd buy him all the socks he wanted.


  1. You'd buy your dog all the socks he wanted even if he wasn't a musical genius.

  2. Nah... but I did buy him a lot of stuffed animals from the bargain bin at Goodwill. Best chew-toys ever, according to him.