Tuesday, January 22, 2013

There's Got to Be a Way to Do This

Say... does anyone know how to unwrap a slice of cheese one-handed?

Or am I the only person who's ever tried this particular monkey-trick?

Google & YouTube are both strangely silent on the topic.

UPDATE: I need to clarify - I meant without using the kitchen counter or any other hard, horizontal surface. Slice of cheese in the air the whole time.


  1. Individually wrapped slices? One-handed? Easy.

    I'm right-handed, so keep that in mind during orientation.

    My slices have the wrapping overlapping about 1/4 or 1/3 from one side. Place the slice on a paper towel with the seam up and the short side to the left. Take forefinger and thumb and grasp the loose section, using your other three fingers to hold the slice in place. Pull up and to the left, fully exposing the 1/4-1/3 section of cheese.

    Using the loose section of the wrapper, turn the cheese over. (Now you know why a paper towel is needed.) Peel the wrapper away from the entire back of the cheese (now face up). It works best if you pull away at a near-180° angle.

    Turn the cheese over again, and repeat the near-180° pull.

    Really? No one else has done this? Maybe I ought to post a video.

  2. I use physics and a little bit of flinging, making sure a clean surface is close at hand.

    Basil's way is good, too. ;)

  3. Are teeth allowed? I open the flap and grab the pastic in my teeth and then unwrap. pretty easy. No teeth, sounds like a lot of practice and manual dexterity. Are you doing it so you can make a sandwich, or are you doing it to show off?

  4. As a snack, I like to roll up a slice of cheese in a slice of ham. Normally I unwrap the cheese first. Last night, I grabbed a slice of ham first. So I've got a wet piece of ham in one hand, and now I have to figure out how to unwrap the cheese without letting the wet ham or the sticky cheese touch the counter.

    Yes, I could've put the ham back in the package. Yes, I could've set the ham on a plate. But I was intrigued with the challenge of not doing so after noticing how difficult it was to get any leverage on the cheese-wrapper.

  5. Yep, done the same thing, use my teeth. Maybe using the teeth isn't OK when you're cooking for others, but yourself....

    I like to take thin sliced hard salami and alternate six or seven layers of provolone or American, and then cut the whole assembly into pie slices. Like a tiny cake of meat with cheese frosting.

  6. I practiced a bit at lunch today, and I think I've got it.

    Use your thumb to pop open the sides of the top flap one at a time. Hold the flap between your fingers, get your thumb under the cheese slice and push up. Should be able to almost completely unzip the sides that way. Then it's just peeling the cheese off the last piece of plastic.

    Good ol' thumbs. There's nothing they can't do.

  7. You need to post a youtube video.