Sunday, January 6, 2013

What Is Paul Newman's Problem?

Just watched "Hud" because I'd heard of it for years & it had Oscars & an all-star cast.

I guess "bored" would be the best description of my reaction.

And I noticed that Paul Newman played the same annoying, arrogant, shallow, unlikeable pondscum he played in Cool Hand Luke, Butch Cassidy, Slap Shot, and Judge Roy Bean.

Did he ever play anyone likeable?

As an aside, I did find it amusing to hear Newman in "Hud" use the phrase "salad dressing" in a sneering, derisive tone. The irony was not lost on me.


  1. Yeah, pretty much all the Newman archetypes were assholes. My favorite was Cat on a Hot Tin Roof but only because he's opposite Liz Taylor in all her youthful splendor. I don't even remember him much.
    The good news is, in person, especially on the racetrack, he was a really good guy. He would avoid any mention of his "other" career, and preferred to be known as a driver rather than an actor. I have a freind who is an official for SCCA, and since she was broke most of the time she'd pop grocery bags full of popcorn and take them to events with her so she didn't have to spend cash on snacks. Newman would follow her and her bag of popcorn around. In a life relatively free from any major scandal, he became a better than average race car driver, placing second at LeMans at the ripe old age of 55, won Daytona at 66. Most teams won't even look at you unless you were a pretty good driver by the age of 12.

    And he never profited from his food businesses personally.

    So no, a weird actor, but a nice man, by all accounts.

  2. I loved Slapshot, but not because of Newman. Thought Cool Hand Luke was good, but then that was the first movie of his I saw so I may not have realized.

    The Sting was good. The Natural was good the first time, bored me to tears the second time. I remember The Color of Money sucking badly but don't remember whether it was because of Newman.