Sunday, January 20, 2013

Why Settle for One When You Can Have Both?

Last night I got a sudden craving and decided that I really wanted pancakes for breakfast this morning.

So I went on the internet, grabbed the first recipe I saw, and made the batter (figuring to save myself a little time & trouble in the morning).

Worked out well, pancakes for breakfast, and I was happy, except...

The recipe I used called for 1 egg.

I normally eat my eggs in pairs, so now I've got this one odd egg in the crate. Sure it's a First World Problem, but it's still annoying.

Then it hit me:

Pancake French Toast

So I took the oddball egg, made French Toast batter out of it, made a pancake, and dipped the pancake in the batter instead of bread.

That worked out pretty well. I recommend giving it a try.


  1. that is very clever ... i have honestly never thought of that.

    love making pancake batter night before (i add whey to lacto-ferment and break down the bad stuff in the grains that makes it difficult for my daughter to digest & they turn out so light, but i doubt you want to do that.)

    i also make biscuits night before ... then we can bake the amt we want to eat in the morning ... works well when the kids get up b4 us on the weekends - we all then get fresh, hot biscuits whenever we choose to wake up :)


  2. Sounds awesome. You're going to have a Man Club Gold Card in a bit. Weird food, check. Heart ripped out by a woman and stomped on, check. All you need is at least one minor hygeine issue,like a ratty old chair with the floor in front of it covered in toenail clippings and you will be the Gold Standard.

  3. Og - Well, my bed's got an inch-thick mat of cat hair on it. Does that count?

    And, yes, for softness, it's even better than memory foam.

  4. lol. I am so farging jealous. Not of the cat hair, but of the fact that you're man enough to leave it. You have always been one of my favorite people, now that I know you don't live in a sanitized house, it amplifise my man-crush on you.

  5. I'm sorry- I'm still cracking up over the OCD of the odd number of eggs....

    And just in case you get the craving in the future and end up making more batter than you need (because you have to use up that rogue egg)....