Monday, March 11, 2013

I Know Why

From IMAO:
"I remember having a happy childhood, though it's hard to imagine how since there was no internet."

I know why MY childhood was happy:

I lived 1 block from the railroad tracks.

2 blocks from the grocery store.

3 blocks from the river.

4 blocks from the movie theater.

5 blocks from the public library.

Everything that made life fun, interesting, or comfortable was within easy walking distance, even in winter.

What's not to be happy about?


  1. .... I live half a mile from the railroad tracks, five miles from the grocery store, Seven miles from the river, 10 miles from a movie theatre, but only 1 mile from a public library......... everything that made my life fun, interesting, and comfortable was always just a phonecall or a letter away...

  2. I had a happy childhood because I [and my dogs and horses] lived many miles from anything..