Sunday, March 24, 2013

Why It's Perfectly Ok to Meet Fellow Bloggers

From According to Hoyt:
Yesterday, in the comments, conversation strayed to whether or not we'd interact well as a group in meat-space, followed by the strong doubts that we wouldn't.

I'm not sure about this, because now that we've met, in the mind-space of the internet, we can probably carry that over into real life and enjoy ourselves immensely.

The thing about the internet is that we get to meet as onto angels, mind to mind and thought to thought, as if the incidentals of life counted for nothing.

Speaking from numerous personal experiences, I can say that if you read a particular blogger for a while, and you really like the personality they project with their written words, you will discover - if you meet them in the off-line world - that they are EXACTLY who you thought they were. And as much as you like them online, you will like them at least that much in person.

I think this is because people don't blog to be fake. They get enough of having to bend politely and put on masks in their everyday lives. The purpose of blogging is to give yourself permission to say what you think without having to first run your words through the filter of "is it ok for me to say this?". The purpose is to say what you believe, deep down, and feel the satisfaction of seeing in print an honest reflection of yourself. It's an exhilarating, liberating experience. One which comes all too infrequently in the ordinary course of a day.

I've never read a blog regularly, met the blogger in person, and then thought "wow, what a complete jerk".

Well, that's not entirely true, I suppose, but only because oftentimes their being a complete jerk is what I *like* about a blogger. (As Chris Muir of Day by Day once phrased it to me "Tact is a stranger to you. I like that.")

So, yeah. Meet up without fear.


  1. No truer words...

    I've met many of the bloggers I read/follow/whatever in person. And, without exception they are exactly what I expected.

    I've still got a couple on my bucket list, but I've conversed with them by phone/text/email enough to know that when we do finally sit down for a beer and a chilli dog, it'll be worth the time.

  2. "oftentimes their being a complete jerk is what I *like* about a blogger."

    Well, there goes MY best kept secret.

  3. Og - yes, you adorable curmudgeon with no patience for stupid and lazy people, you are on that list :-)

    Contagion & Graumagus, too.

    Not that they'll be stopping by to read this.

    Jerks :-P

  4. It's funny you mention that thing about jerks.

    A couple days ago I was talking with someone about whether it's possible to be an atheist without being a dick about it.

    I said, "I have a blogger friend who's an atheist and he's not a dick at all!"

    Then I thought for a second and added, "Well, he's kind of a dick, but not about religion."

  5. Yes, adorable.

    You make a Care Bear riding a My Little Pony look like a pile of warm rat vomit.

  6. Man, you have different criteria for "Adorable" than most humans I know.


  7. I was at a blog meet once and someone said to me, "You're not near as funny in person as I thought you'd be..." I was like, WTF? I can sit down and put what's funny in my head, spend time thinking about it. Real life isn't like that.

    Anyway. I think I'm what people expect. But I'm smaller. They seem kind of surprised by that, although I say it all the time on my blog, "I'm not a big person..."

  8. Bou - you're even more adorable than Og, and you've always made me proud to be your blogfather.

  9. That is the best thing about meeting bloggers no surprises.