Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I find that, after buying a sewing machine, I have a lot less time for blogging.

Funny how adding one little thing to your life can cause so many changes.


  1. you G damned ^^^#@ing thieves! You Libertarians truly are the scum of the earth

  2. You know, I just made several aprons for my new job; I used my mom's sewing machine, but it got me rolling around a crazy, crazy idea in my head: what if I spent 2014 wearing only clothes that I have made myself.

    I don't know... I might actually do it, but I'll probably lose interest by the time the new year actually rolls around.

  3. Reference link for Handsome Bill


    Joey - First, good to know you're still alive. Second... that sounds like it would be a really cool project.

    Also, fabric stores are a great place to meet hot chicks with mad domestic skillz.

  4. What did you eventually end up with?

  5. This:


    Ain't she a beauty?

  6. Sewing machines are treacherous animals. They are known to be terrible time suckers. Knowing this, I assumed he would need some help managing one. But this is NOT the reason I gave him a lesson. It's because he asked.

  7. Very cool. You know, there are places that custom fit women's jeans. You could start a small service where you make custom fit jeans for women who, due to their awesome shape, are difficult to fit. And then you could spend a good deal of time measuring them to make sure they fit right.

    This doesn't sound very cool unless you think about it for a few microseconds.

    hey, I took a nursing class just so I could be the only guy there. And of course I got to be the subject of all the in-class experiments.

  8. Hey Harvey! When did you get that new little kitten? She's adorable!

  9. og's right. I have a terrible time finding jeans that fit.

  10. Miss: I see lots of poking and prodding and squeezing of your nether regions in your future. And Harvey is your man.

  11. Og - Oh, I don't think I'll be poking any nether regions in the near future.

    Anonymiss - The kitten? Well, she just kinda showed up at my doorstep one day.

    Cute as a button and very affectionate, but she's a real attention hog. Some days it's REALLY hard to get any work done without being interrupted by those little green eyes staring up at me saying "love me!"

    But she's just so adorable, it's hard to ignore her. Especially since she "talks" a LOT.

    Chatty kitty, that one.