Friday, August 30, 2013

Lost a Friend Today

About 13 years ago, I took in one of the strays that used to hang around outside my house. A tiny little long-haired black kitten. I don't have a picture, but she looked a lot like this:

Kind of a runt. About 3 pounds when I got her. She never weighed more than 6 in her adult life.

Spent her whole life being skittish. You could never walk up to her. The only way to catch her was to trap her in a corner & grab her as she scooted by.

But once you got her & started petting her, she'd stay put for hours. Very strange.

Anyway, she developed a respiratory illness last week, and despite antibiotics, passed away this evening.

I will miss her.


Turns out I *did* have a picture of Fuzzy. For size comparison, there's a standard household electrical outlet on the left side of the picture.

Like I said - tiny cat.


  1. Sorry to hear.
    It always hurts to lose a friend.

  2. It's ok. She was born into a shelterless world of eating bugs and scrounging for garbage can scraps, with a life expectancy of 3 to 5 years. She had a good, long life of tuna, toys, and warm carpets to sleep on, with nary a snowflake ever landing on her tiny head.

    The only sad part of her story was the ending, and every cat story has one.

  3. Didn't I see her in a pic with Unny once? I'm pretty sure...

  4. sorry for the loss of your friend, harvey

  5. @ Anonymiss - Unny? You mean your crazy liberal sister with the witch hat?

    Well, being all black with VERY long fur which tended to stick out at odd angles, Fuzzy would've made a great familiar - or at least a super-cool Halloween decoration.

  6. Yes :)

    I meant that if you are looking for a picture of her, I think I saw one once at Unny's feet. Check your camera.

    Or maybe I'm just losing my mind.

  7. Wait... "losing"?

    Anyway, lucky guess. I bought a new hallway runner a while back, and spotted Fuzzy lounging around on it. Hanging out in the middle of the room isn't something that little scaredy cat normally did, so I took a picture of it. I'd forgotten all about that.

  8. I'm glad you found her picture, even if it means I am absolutely insane.

  9. Better hurry - only 13 left:

  10. Also, turns out there were a few other kitten pictures on the camera that I was happy to see again.

    1. You should change the kitten pic at the top of the post (which is not really your kitten) with one of the pics that you found of the kitten that IS yours :)

    2. Well, it's a quirk of my blogging style. I don't make major edits after I post. I just do updates.

      Besides if I did that, people would wonder what they heck we were talking about in the comments.

      Meanwhile, I'll just go think happy thoughts about my kitten...

  11. Sorry about your kitty, Harvey.

    Maybe you'll get lucky and her spirit will stick around your house like my puppy Mollie did. It was freaky at first, but comforting in the end.

  12. Sorry about your cat, Harvey. My little girl is currently 14-1/2 years old and 2-1/2 years into kidney failure, which I've been managing the best that I can. Her favorite place to sleep is on my chest. I'm pretty sure that that spot will ache with emptiness in the not too distant future.