Monday, August 5, 2013

Not Following Through

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His mistake? Turning back when she said "wait", instead of just going.

The lesson? Never let anyone talk you out of doing what you KNOW is the best course of action.


  1. .... I agree....... we should always tell those that we love that they matter and that we appreciate them........ every day..

  2. "His mistake? Turning back when she said "wait", instead of just going."

    Wait. Was his mistake not continuing to kiss her when she said "wait" or not leaving when she said "wait"?

    What did he KNOW was the best course of action? Kissing or leaving?

  3. He should've said "I should go", then left, ignoring her saying "wait" instead of turning back.

    That would've been best. She'd still want to know his secret identity, so she'd still be obsessed with him.

    Plus she'd still want the kiss. Notice she said "wait" instead of "don't kiss me".

  4. Huh. So he would have walked away and she would have been there. Alone.

    Sometimes "best" is so SAD.

  5. They'd meet again. It's that kind of story.

    Besides, she'd really rather that he be resolute enough to follow through on his words. If he says "I should go", he should go.

    Who wants a wishy-washy guy who can be talked out of the things he says are important?

    Besides Democrat voters, I mean...

  6. How can you tell "it's that kind of story"?

  7. Because ALL superhero stories are "that kind of story".

    Well... except Batman.